• Treatment of gastro duodenitis and gastro duodenal ulcer
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  • HOẠT HUYẾT DƯỠNG NÃO is used for prophylaxis and treatment of following disease. 1. Loss of memory, nervous stress, poor concentration. 2. Cerebral circulation insufficiency, vestibular syndrome with its manifestation such as headache, dizziness, vertigo, sleeplessness, losing balance. 3. Cerebral function deficiency: loss of memory, nervous breakdown, sequel of cerebral disorder. 4. Tremor in Parkinson patients.
  • Indications The eye disease caused by liver kidney yin deficiency, blood deficiency
  • - Treatment for the colon dysfunction with symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal tenesmus, prolonged digestive disorders, indigestion, dyspepsia, rumbling belly. - Complementary treatment for acute and chronic colitis caused by infection.
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