PHASE Investment and Development
From 2000 to present

Traphaco was named among the Top 15 Brands of Vietnam 2014

Traphaco won the title “Star of Vietnamese medicine”

Traphaco was rated among Top 50 enterprises in Vietnam

Traphaco won the Top 10 well-known brands in Vietnam


Traphaco holds General Meeting of Shareholders term of 2016-2020
Traphaco receives National Quality Gold Awards 2015
Traphaco among the top 40 valuable company brands and top 50 listed companies in Vietnam 
Traphaco among Top 10 Prestigious Pharmaceutical Company of Vietnam 2016
Traphaco builds company strategy for 2017-2020
Traphaco continues to be selected as National Brand - Vietnam Value


Announcing the sustainable development strategy of Traphaco for the period of 2017-2020.
Traphaco inaugurated the most modern pharmaceutical factory in Vietnam.
Traphaco achieved the “Top 10 most trustworthy companies in the Vietnam pharmaceutical industry” for the second time consecutively.
Boganic - Liver Tonic achieved "Top 10 Most Excellent Vietnamese Brand Product" for the second time consecutively.
Traphaco - Top 50 Enterprises that has the most attractive employer branding in Vietnam.


Traphaco CEO was honored as one of the Top 50 business leaders in 2013

Traphaco received the Certificate of Merit for the enterprise producing high quality goods 2014 (under the framework of the Vietnam High Quality Goods program)

Traphaco was named among the "Top 15 Famous Brands 2013"


Traphaco won the prizes for the best international enterprise and the excellent manager of the European Business Association and other awards as follows:

Asia - Pacific International Quality Award 2013

ASEAN famous brand

Top 10 typical enterprises for social responsibility (Vietnam Gold Star Award)

Top 10 brands in Vietnam


On October 29th 2012, TRAPHACO became a major shareholder of the Quang Tri Pharmaceutical - Medical Supplies JSC, holding 42.91% of charter capital.

On May 11th 2012, TRAPHACO officially became a major shareholder of the Dak Lak Pharmaceutical - Medical Supplies JSC with 24.5% of the charter capital. On October 10th 2012 TRAPHACO successful bought more shares of the Dak Lak Pharmaceutical - Medical Supplies JSC to increase its ownership ratio from 24.5% to 51%.

Traphaco founded 2 more branches in Quang Ninh, Gia Lai, bringing the total branches to 14 (2 branches of level 1, 12 branches of level 2)

In April 2012, TRAPHACO received the "International Quality Award" in Germany. In May 2012, TRAPHACO received the award for TOP 10 typical enterprises for the community. On June 19th 2012, TRAPHACO was presented the certification of "TOP 50 companies of the most efficient business in Vietnam." On October 4th 2012, TRAPHACO received the Vietnamese President’s decision on the grant of the First Labour Medal to Traphaco.


In November 2011 TRAPHACO successfully bought more shares of TRAPHACO Hi-tech JSC, raising its percentage of ownership in TRAPHACO CNC from 12.83% to 50.96%.

Traphaco founded 5 branches in Binh Thuan, Dong Nai, Quang Ngai, Can Tho, and Khanh Hoa.

TRAPHACO received the TOP 100 Vietnam Gold Star Award, especially the "TOP 10 typical enterprises for social responsibility" title.

TRAPHACO attended "The Annual Report 2010" poll and was awarded the "Best Annual Report". Along with this award, TRAPHACO was rated AAA for the 'Annual Report of Vietnam confidence index" for businesses operating efficiently, demonstrating transparency, financial strength, long-term growth prospects, control of capital and risk at the lowest level.

In June 2011, the program "building standards to identify Dioscorea hamiltonii as medicinal plant,” under the GreenPlan Project (Project to research and develop medicinal plants of TRAPHACO) received funding from the World Bank presented through the program "Vietnam Innovation Day 2011".

In April 2011 the project entitled "Research and produce Boganic liver tonic and detoxification medicine from medicinal plants of Vietnam" won the first prize of the Vietnam Fund for Technological Innovation (VIFOTEC).


TRAPHACO was the only unit in Vietnam to receive the WIPO Award of the World Intellectual Property Organization. The company also won the third Prize for Social Responsibility in the Field of Environment (CSR), TOP 100 Vietnam Gold Star Award. Particularly, on December 10, TRAPHACO received the title of Labour Hero for its achievement in the 2000-2009 period.


TRAPHACO was recognized as the most famous brand of the Vietnam pharmaceutical industry

Traphaco launched Traphaco Sapa Co., Ltd. in Lao Cai, holding 100% of capital.


On November 26th 2008, Traphaco’s shares (code: TRA) were officially traded on the HCM City Stock Exchange (HOSE).

Traphaco won the Vietnam Gold Cup for Kindness.


On November 27th TRAPHACO JSC celebrated its 35th anniversary and received the second-class Labor Medal presented by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The President also presented the third-class Labor Medal for the company’s trade union. Experiencing 35 years of construction and development, TRAPHACO JSC really grew up and made great contributions to the protection of people’s health as well as the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.


In January 2000, the Transportation Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company officially operated under the model of a joint stock company. On July 5th 2001 the company changed its named into TRAPHACO, for the purpose of trading in multiple industries in line with the new economic trends. Its main business sectors include: Pharmaceuticals, medical materials, chemical, medical supplies and equipment, food, wine, beer, beverage, cosmetics, consulting service, scientific and technical services, transfer of technology in the field of pharmacy and export-import activities.

The period before equitization (1972 – 1999)

since 1972 to date

The decision to equitize the Transportation Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company was issued on September 27th 1999, with 45% of capital held by the state. The decision was made under the State policy of renewal, reform of State-owned enterprises to improve their business and operation. This was the most important moment. The company’s leaders and workers positively prepared all legal conditions for the meeting of the founding shareholders on November 15th 1999.


The Transportation Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company was founded on May 16th, 1994 (TRAPHACO) with functions of production and trading of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment. The company opened stores at 18A Le Duan Street, No. 9 Lang Ha, No. 31 Lang Ha Street, and set up a warehouse at No. 108 Thanh Cong Street, Hanoi to facilitate its business. By directly involving in the circulation and distribution of drugs, medical supplies and equipment, Traphaco could well grasp the needs of the market. The company later hired 6,000 m2 of land in Phuc Xa, Xuan La 1, Xuan La 2 and Phu Thuong in Hanoi to expand its operation.


The Railway Pharmaceutical Enterprise was founded on June 1st 1993 (trade name RAPHACO) with the functions of manufacturing and trading medicines. The company had 80 employees, capital of VND150 million, rudimentary equipment, and narrow space (only 340 m2). The newly-established company faced a lot of difficulties, but with its courage and determination, the company overcame difficulties to step by step develop.


The Railway Pharmaceutical Factory was established on May 28th 1981 by being upgraded from the Railway Medicine Production Group.


For a period of time, as required by the situation, the railway medicine production group only distributed medicines. On August 31st 1977 its functions and tasks of producing medicines and distributing medicines to the entire railway sector was resumed. At that time the group has 37 members.


The medicine production group of the Railway Health Department was founded on November 28th 1972, with 15 employees and the main task of making drugs under prescription. The group produced serum, fluids, distilled water serving hospitals of the railway sector during the war. The group was based at No. 75 Yen Ninh Street, Hanoi, the same place with the Railways Health Department.