News Aug 28, 2022

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On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day of September 2nd, in the morning of August 28th, 2022 in Hanoi, the program "Forever Beautiful Autumn of Hanoi" by the Emulation and Commendation Board of Hanoi and Hanoi Radio and Television Station jointly implement. With the theme "August Star Spirit", Traphaco Joint Stock Company - Vietnam's leading pharmaceutical brand is representing an example of a business rising up in the integration context, sharing stories of economic development and also the development of the community - society, contributing to the common prosperity of the country.


Mr. Nguyen Huy Van – Vice CEO of Traphaco participated in the program

As we all know, epidemics and wars are the most frightening things. Vietnam has just overcome 2 difficult years of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and especially market leaders like Traphaco, the pandemic also places a huge responsibility on both overcoming common difficulties and increasing production of pharmaceuticals to serve the needs of epidemic prevention of the people and society.

Traphaco still maintains a double growth momentum through the 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic by focusing on ensuring supply, circulating the value chain, and maintaining regular production. Traphaco prioritizes the preparation of anti-epidemic drugs such as T-B Fresh, Antot Thymo, Traphaton (Vitamin), NACL 0.9%, Xuyen Tam Lien, ..). In addition, the company still prepares timely sources of raw materials and goods in the context of the outbreak of the pandemic, the breakdown of the general supply chain, and especially gives priority to Ho Chi Minh City, where the outbreak is very serious and complicated at that time. And especially at that period, with a great sense of social responsibility, even though the price of raw materials is increasing day by day, Traphaco still maintains the same selling price, does not increase during the epidemic period and maintains the old price until the end of the pandemic until now. In addition, Traphaco also regularly provides promotional programs and products to support the people and the country during difficult times.

Like Vietnamese businesses in general, Traphaco is facing the challenges of integration and globalization. In order to always be a pioneer in raising the output standards of high quality and effective medicinal products, Traphaco has been aware of and applied international standards since very early. With the Oriental medicine segment, Traphaco invests in developing areas for growing and harvesting clean medicinal herbs that meet GACP-WHO standards. Affirming its No. 1 position in Oriental medicine, the Company has grown areas for 06 medicinal herbs (Dinglingouli, Bitter gourd, Artichoke, Morning Glory, Ampelopsis, Ginkgo biloba) which have been certified by the Ministry of Health to meet GACP-WHO standards.

Besides traditional medicines, Traphaco's modern medicine factory in Hung Yen has also operated commercially with many positive results. Traphaco Hung Yen factory is fully automated and synchronously invested with 5 modern production lines including eye drops - nose drops with fully sealed technology, pills, liquid pills and syrups, with capacity 1.2 billion product units/year. The technology and machinery used at the factory are all leading groups, with production processes meeting international standards, towards GMP-EU standards or equivalent.

Besides economic development, Traphaco defines its mission and commitment to the community through many activities associated with social responsibility such as:

- Implement GreenPlan project to cooperate with farmers to plant and collect medicinal plants, create jobs, improve income and quality of life of people, especially ethnic minorities in remote areas . Thereby reducing the economic burden for the locality, reducing child labor, creating opportunities for children of farming households to go to school.

- Taking care of disadvantaged groups, especially children and the elderly: accompanying the Vietnam Children's Fund, the Central Vietnam Association of Elderly in volunteering activities, providing medicines, health advice every year.

- Join hands with the community to prevent the covid epidemic: support the vaccine fund, sponsor epidemic prevention products, provide aid to the South and Ho Chi Minh City, donating a sample room for anti-heat testing, etc.

Along with the patriotic emulation movement of the business community, Traphaco always strives to rise up, achieve a growth rate higher than the industry's average, bring more value to partners, shareholders, employees and also to the community-society.