News Jul 16, 2022

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On the morning of July 16th in Hanoi, the Ceremony to announce Vietnam's Top Trademark - Vietnam's golden products and services in 2022 was held. Traphaco Joint Stock Company was honored to be voted in the "Top 10 Trademark in Vietnam 2022"; At the same time, the product line “Hoat Huyet Duong Nao Traphaco - Cebraton brain tonic” were voted as the Top 10 Vietnam Golden Products 2022.


Ms. Dao Thuy Ha - Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer on behalf of Traphaco received the certificates

Voting and promoting Vietnam Top Trademarks - Golden Products and Services activities of Vietnam Intellectual Property Association has entered its 15th year, becoming a common symbol for trademarks, brands, products and services that reach international competitive level; and is the commitment of enterprises to consumers about outstanding product quality, transparent production and business activities, thereby creating more competitive advantages for enterprises in the market, and gaining strong trust and confidence in domestic and foreign consumers.

This year's voting council evaluated the "Traphaco" trademark of Traphaco Joint Stock Company as the popular and famous pharmaceutical brand in Vietnam, leading in the 4.0 pharmaceutical trend, applying the power of digital technology to the production, sales and distribution system management in the market. Traphaco's medicinal products have been trusted and used by many generations of Vietnamese people for the past half century.

In particular, Traphaco's Hoat Huyet Duong Nao and Cebraton brain tonic have been associated with Vietnamese health care for more than 23 years. With ingredients from medicinal herbs meeting international standards GACP-WHO, the product line helps to immediately relieve headaches, dizziness, vestibular disorders, memory impairment, prevent and support the treatment of cerebral circulatory insufficiency and strokes. In March 2021, the Vietnam Record Organization officially confirmed that Hoat Huyet Duong Nao Traphaco & Cebraton achieved the record of the best-selling brain tonic oriental medicine in Vietnam.

2022 is also the year Traphaco celebrates the 50th anniversary of the company's tradition (November 28th, 1972 - November 28th, 2022), as a leader in Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry, Traphaco determines strategic goals in the next period stage is "Maintaining the No. 1 position in Herbal - focusing on investment and development in Non Herbal Medicine". In addition to the main products of traditional medicines and herbal medicines, Traphaco also invests in research, production and distribution of many products other than traditional medicines (western medicines, cosmetic chemicals, medical supplies) with high quality and affordable price for Vietnamese people, contributing to the care and protection of people during the epidemic period of 2020-2021, including the mouth & throat antiseptic T-B Fresh that was selected by the Ministry of Health in the Program of “safety pill bag” for F0 covid patients in Ho Chi Minh City.