News Jun 08, 2022

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On June 6th, 2022, Forbes Vietnam announced the "List of 50 best listed companies" in 2022. For the tenth consecutive year, Forbes Vietnam published the list in the context of the global economy being strongly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic. Traphaco is one of the top two pharmaceutical companies on this list.


To implement publishing the List of 50 best listed companies in 2022, Forbes evaluates the listed companies on the HSX and HNX exchanges through many steps, meeting strict conditions such as: profitable in fiscal year 2021, revenue and minimum capitalization. In the next round, companies are calculated and scored quantitatively on the following criteria: compound growth rate of revenue, profit, ROE ratio, ROC, etc... Next, Forbes Vietnam performs Qualitative survey to assess the level of sustainable development of enterprises: position of the company in the industry, source of profits, quality of corporate governance, prospects for industry development.

The 10th Forbes Vietnam list of 50 best listed companies recorded nine companies appearing for the first time, the highest number ever. The total profit after tax of the companies on the list reached VND 193,183 billion, an increase of 10.7% compared to the list in 2021. Overcoming many candidates to be in the Top of the best listed companies in 2022, Traphaco has once again demonstrating the potential, reputation and bravery of a pioneer and leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Vietnam.

In 2021, despite facing big waves such as supply chain disruptions and increased prices of many input materials, however thanks to the autonomous green value chain in many aspects that makes Traphaco surpassed the wave and reached the revenue milestone of more than 2,160 billion dong, an increase of 13.2% compared to 2020 and profit after tax of more than 265 billion dong, an increase of 22.2% compared to 2020. Traphaco is in the group of pharmaceutical enterprises with the best growth in revenue in terms of revenue and profit.

Preliminary results in the first 5 months of 2022, total revenue fulfilled 46% of the annual plan, increased over 30% over the same period; Profit is estimated to realize 53% of the annual plan. On the stock market, TRA shares are trading around VND 93-95,000/share. In 2022, Traphaco sets a target of total revenue of 2,345 billion dong, profit after tax of 286 billion dong. Traphaco's board of management said that the company's goal is to exceed the targets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Company's Traditional Day.

Business results were achieved through the renewal of the direct sales system through pharmacies (OTC), in parallel with market development, increased application of modern technology and new standards of management. including improving the sales management software system, optimizing the transportation system to promptly meet the demand for goods during the epidemic.

Traphaco continues to develop the market for selling prescription drugs (ETCs), promoting hospital bidding activities with new pharmaceutical products and technology transfer products from partner Daewoong (Korea), where the company has continued receive delivery of 12 new products and strengthen comprehensive cooperation. In 2021, Traphaco was recognized by the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) as the first pharmaceutical company to modernize traditional medicines and had three best-selling traditional drug product lines in Vietnam (Boganic, Hoat Huyet Duong Nao (brain active blood nutrition), and Tottri).

Also in 2021, Traphaco JSC completed the construction of a business restructuring plan, in which it separated the Herbal and Non-Herbal business segments. This is a transformational step to improve competitiveness, flexibly adapt to market changes, in order to realize the strategic goal of "Maintaining the No. 1 position of Herbal – focus developing & investing on the Non-Herbal medicine".


The Restructuring process is the rearrangement of functional areas along Traphaco's value chain: Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Finance & Planning and supporting departments. During and after the implementation of the Restructuring, the Company is committed to ensuring job stability and the entire remuneration regime for employees so that employees can work with peace of mind with a stronger and more motivated attitude. achieve better results.

The division of R&D Department into traditional and non-traditional medicine research departments (including technology transfer products) helps to focus R&D activities on the parent company, taking advantage of the common platform. on facilities such as LABO research, system standardization. Right from the first quarter of 2022, 7 new products (9 SKUs) were launched into the market, sales exceeded 62% of the plan.

During the visit and business trip at Traphaco last May, Chairman of the Board of Directors Chung Ji Kwang shared a number of main development orientations in the coming time: focusing on research and development in the Non-Herbal Medicine, diversifying products products in both OTC & ETC channels, especially through technology transfer; Invest in factories, production lines and production of modern and high-tech dosage forms; Take advantage of external resources to have top experts for the goal of having advanced technology; Strengthen the welfare regime, attract and retain talents, improve the quality of available human resources, focus on developing a team of young talents; Evaluate and review well the Restructuring and Decentralization Matrix implementation; Strengthen monitoring and supervision to ensure compliance with regulations throughout the system.

Chairman Chung pledged that the major shareholders have been and will continue to be closely linked in the coming time, sharing the same orientation to further promote the innovation process at Traphaco, adding value to employees, shareholders and the social community.