News May 27, 2022

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On May 27th, 2022, Traphaco Joint Stock Company and Hanoi University of Pharmacy held an acceptance ceremony of scientific research topic on chemical composition, toxicity and some main biological effects of medicinal herbs of the Ginseng family.


The cooperation agreement was signed and implemented in March 2021. The research results have high scientific value and are appraised by a scientific council of reputable scientists in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy.

“Ming Aralia” tree (Ding Lang) is likened to "Ginseng" by Hai Thuong Lan Ong - the great doctor of our Vietnam nation. It is named like that because Dinh Lang is a precious medicinal herb that has the effect of enhancing vitality and intelligence.


Mr. Nguyen Huy Van – Chief of R&D Officer of Traphaco Joint Stock Company spoke at the Acceptance Ceremony

Inheriting the experience of traditional medicine and the research results of scientists on the value of Dinh Lang tree, Traphaco has pioneered the construction of clean areas for growing Dinh Lang in two districts of Hai Hau and Nghia Hung - Nam Dinh according to standard GACP - WHO (Good practice in cultivation and collection of medicinal plants as recommended by the World Health Organization “WHO”). This clean source of Ding Lang was used by Traphaco to produce Hoat Huyet Duong Nao Traphaco and then Cebraton brain tonic medicine.

In addition, projects and projects on growing and collecting medicinal herbs have contributed to educating the consciousness of conservation and development of Vietnam's medicinal plant resources that are being destroyed, so as to preserve the heritage of traditional medicine and pharmacy knowledge, encouraging farmers to grow medicinal herbs, not only contributing to poverty alleviation but also helping people get rich from medicinal herbs. This is also a development strategy in line with the national policy orientation on medicinal herbs, in which priority is given to the development of drugs from Vietnamese medicinal herbs, gradually reducing the import rate of herbal ingredients, increasing the export proportion of medicinal herbs and medicines being produced from medicinal herbs.