News May 13, 2022

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On the morning of May 13, 2022, Mr. Chung Ji Kwang - Chairman of Traphaco's Board of Directors visited and worked at the Company. Welcoming the Chairman were members of the Board of Directors, Board of Supervisory, Board of Executive, Leaders of subsidiaries and managers at all levels. Chairman Chung will have working sessions with the Board of Directors and participate in a number of Company events during this business trip.


Chairman Chung Ji Kwang works with Traphaco's Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors Chung Ji Kwang joined Traphaco's Board of Directors from March 2021, before that as a representative of a major shareholder; The Chairman paid close attention to Traphaco's activities, including the development of the Non Herbal Medicine segment, directly went to Traphaco to attend the Kick-off Ceremony of the Phase 1 technology transfer project between Traphaco and Daewoong, laying the foundation for the strategic cooperation between the two companies.

Speaking at the conference, the Chairman highly appreciated the proudly results of Traphaco's Board of Management and staffs in the past 2 years 2020-2021. The Chairman also outlined a number of key development directions in the coming time: focusing on research and development in addition to traditional medicines, diversifying products in both OTC & ETC channels, especially through technology transfer activities; Invest in factories, production lines and production of modern and high-tech dosage forms; Take advantage of external resources to have top experts for the goal of having advanced technology; Strengthen the welfare regime, attract and retain talents, improve the quality of available human resources, focus on developing a team of young talents; Evaluate and review the activities of Business Restructuring and deploying Delegation of Authority; Strengthen monitoring and supervision to ensure compliance with regulations throughout the system.

Chairman Chung pledged that the major shareholders have been and will continue to be closely linked in the coming time, sharing the same orientation to further promote the innovation process at Traphaco, adding value to employees and shareholders and social community.


Chairman of the Board of Directors Chung Ji Kwang spoke at the ceremony

On the same day, Traphaco Joint Stock Company held a Gratitude Ceremony for former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Nguyen Anh Tuan, and appointed Mr. Nguyen Phu Khanh as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the term 2021-2025.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan thanked the Board of Directors and all Traphaco employees for successfully implementing strategic goals with the Board of Directors in the past year. He believes that the new Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors will continue and further promote the role of SCIC's major shareholder in the orientation for rapid and sustainable development of Traphaco. In the coming time, Mr. Tuan commits to continue supporting Traphaco as a member of the Board of Directors.


Chairman of the Board of Directors Chung Ji Kwang presents flowers to show gratitude to Former Vice Chairman Nguyen Anh Tuan

Receiving the new missions, Mr. Nguyen Phu Khanh expressed his gratitude to the Board of Directors for trusting and entrusting the assignment as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. He committed to complete the work assigned by the Board of Directors and Chairman Chung. In order to achieve the big goals set by shareholders, Mr. Khanh wants Traphaco's team to always be firm, have a high consensus and work together with the Board of Directors to break through and complete important goals in accordance with the orientation for the term 2021 -2025.


Chairman of the Board of Directors Chung Ji Kwang gave flowers to congratulate Vice Chairman Nguyen Phu Khanh


Board of Directors and Executive Board take souvenir photos

Preliminary results in the first 4 months of 2022, total revenue achieved 36% of the year plan, increased by over 20% over the same period; Profit is estimated to be achieved 40% of the annual plan, growing over 40% over the same period last year. On the stock market, ended the trading session on 11/5 TRA shares price at VND 100,000/share.

In 2022, Traphaco sets a target of total revenue of 2,345 billion dong, profit after tax of 286 billion dong. Traphaco's management said that the company's goal is to exceed the targets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Company's Traditional Day.