News Apr 29, 2022

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On the morning of April 29th, 2022, the Vietnam Children's Fund held a celebration of 30 years of construction and development (May 4th, 1992 - May 4th, 2022). Attending the ceremony were Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan, Chairman of the Sponsoring Council of the Vietnam Children's Fund; former Vice President, former Chairman of the Sponsoring Council of Vietnam Children's Fund Nguyen Thi Doan, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh; representatives of leaders of departments, ministries, branches and representatives of individuals and organizations have made many contributions to the cause of child care and protection over the years.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan affirmed that 30 years of construction and development is a journey of perseverance, persistence, with many difficulties and hardships that timely help millions of children with special circumstances, in which, there are tens of thousands of children with disabilities and most recently children affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.


Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Chief Operating Officer received a certificate of merit from the collective of Traphaco Joint Stock Company and Ms. Dao Thuy Ha personally

On this anniversary, the collective of Traphaco Joint Stock Company and Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Chief Operating Officer of the company were honored to be awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs "For achievements excellence in child protection and care", contributing to the development of the country's future generations.

As a typical sustainable development enterprise in Vietnam, Traphaco always upholds its social responsibility, joining hands to develop the community, especially the disadvantaged groups including children and the elderly. With the cooperation of Traphaco and the business community and sponsors over the past 30 years, the Child Protection Fund at all levels has supported over 34 million turns of children in special and difficult circumstances across the country. The Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs for collectives and individuals of Traphaco Joint Stock Company is a worthy recognition and a source of encouragement for Traphaco to continue its mission of taking care of Vietnamese people's health, contributing to the well-being of Vietnamese people to the goal of community development and the whole society.


Activities accompanying Vietnamese Children over the years:

1. Join the program Spring for children - Vietnam Children's Fund

The 15th "Spring for you" program taking place on January 9, 2022 is also marking the 15-year journey of Traphaco accompanying the program and disadvantaged children across the country. Every year, Traphaco Joint Stock Company sponsors the program in the form of gifts worth 200 million VND.

2. Volunteering in Muong Nhe, Dien Bien

On May 15th – 17th, 2020, the Traphaco Youth Union and the Central Committee of the Youth Union, Dien Bien Provincial Youth Union, joined hands to help disadvantaged people to overcome the Covit-19 pandemic in Muong Nhe district. , Dien Bien province with a total budget of more than 400 million VND.

At the program, the units awarded funds to build 01 rural traffic bridge worth 120 million VND; inaugurated 01 youth playground for children worth 20 million VND; deploying 02 bookcases Lighting up the dream of highland knowledge with 400 books and children's stories for primary schools.

3. Accompanying the National Football League for children with special circumstances in 2019

On August 14th, 2019 at Quan Ngua Sports Palace, Hanoi took place the final match and the closing ceremony of the National Football Tournament for children with special circumstances 2019.

The first prize was jointly organized by the Vietnam Children's Fund, Department of Physical Education (Ministry of Education and Training) and Children's Newspaper. The children participating in the Prize are from 11 to under 14 years old and are living in social assistance facilities and children with special circumstances across the country.

Traphaco is honored to accompany and sponsor the tournament towards the main goal: Creating a positive playground, enhancing opportunities for exchanges, meeting and learning more for children with special difficulties, improving improve the spiritual and material life of the children.

4. Praise children with excellent academic and training achievements

Every year, Traphaco Joint Stock Company holds a ceremony to honor children with excellent learning and training achievements in June. They are honored as children of employees of Traphaco Joint Stock Company, Traphaco Hi-tech Joint Stock Company. and Traphaco Hung Yen Co., Ltd. achieved excellent and advanced students.

5. Project on development of medicinal herbs and ethnic minorities

Through projects to deploy clean medicinal herbs growing areas, Traphaco has created jobs and sustainable poverty alleviation for ethnic minority communities in many localities (Lao Cai, Nam Dinh, Hoa Binh, ...).

When households have a stable income, their material and spiritual life is strengthened, which also contributes to reducing the use of child labor in remote areas, creating conditions for children to be go to school and get better care.