For Employees Oct 17, 2016

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The human resource is considered as the vital energy of the enterprise, training is the fundamental factor to fulfill the strategic objective of the organization, the quality of the workforce is one of the most important competitive advantage of the enterprise. Therefore, the Company always pays extra attention to policies toward employees. Traphaco’s employees are always ensured to receive satisfying emotional and financial compensation, ensured to have a good working environment where they are respected and have the opportunities to move up.

At Traphaco, all employees have a responsibility to improve their professionnal skills to keep up with the development of the company.


With the constantly evolving needs of today’s society, the labor market is gradually moving towards job performance, while an important platform to improve work efficiency depends greatly on development strategy and preserving talents. This is essential not only for multi national companies but also for Vietnamese businesses that are now in stiff competition to obtain quality and long term staffs. Being fully aware of this, Traphaco has always considered welfare measures for workers is an essential part of the strategy to preserve, develop talents, increase competitiveness and prepare to bring Traphaco to a new level. In 2015, with the new sales policy and determination in implementing the KPI management system to evaluate performance, Traphaco was able to guide all actions within the enterprise toward the objectives requested by the leadership and improve the business efficiency.

As a result, the work hours and incomes of the employees were ensured, salaries and bonuses for employees were paid in full and on time. Employees’ average incomes rose by 10% compared to 2014, which enabled the employees to have stable livelihood and motivation at work. In addition, the Company organized many emulation campaigns and recognition events to constantly motivate and encourage the employees to apply themselves fully at work and determined to achieve the Company’s targets: Cooperation at work – Sharing benefits, commitment to targets – Honoring all commitments.

Organized the emulation campaign “Develop corporate culture 2015”, which attracted 100% participation by employees: with 200 registered projects, 187 projects were approved to be implemented, 180 projects reported as completed, 45 were selected to final round, 20 projects were granted awards, with total prize value of VND1 billion. The Company also selected 20 most outstanding individuals during the year to be recognized and awarded with a business trip to Bali – Indonesia and Singapore. Organized many sports and art show activities: talent show, soccer tournament, tennis championship in order to improve the morale of employees and motivate them at work. At Traphaco, welfare programs and welfare-related measures for the employees are irreplaceable parts of the strategy to retain and develop talents, enhance the competitive edge and readiness to bring Traphaco brand to a new height. Ensuring: Compensation for employees working in hazardous environments, gas and mobile phone allowances, special care for female employees, antiheat in-kind allowances, holidays and lunar new year bonus, gifts for employees who are children of war heroes and invalids, gifts for employees’ children during Mid-autumn festival, International Children’s Day (01 June); maintained acknowledgement ceremony for children of employees with excellent academic achievement…

Total budget for welfare fund in 2015 was VND14 billion. With the above activities, on the one hand Traphaco brought about emotional values to employees, giving them a peace of mind and nurturing their long term commitment to the Company. On the other hand, those activities created an unique culture of a brand that always deeply cares for the livelihood of its employees.