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Dear Shareholders of Traphaco Joint Stock Company,

On the basis of the list of shareholders (stock code: TRA) at the last registration date of May 24, 2021 of the Vietnam Securities Depository Center, on June 14, 2021, Traphaco Joint Stock Company send a letter to shareholders for collecting written opinions on the approval of the Company's internal regulations and the ratification of decisions of the Board of Directors, including:

(i) The letter for getting shareholders' opinions;

(ii) Voting form;

Download: here

Issues for getting opinion:
1. The Operational Regulation of the Board of Directors (Download: here)

2. The Operational Regulation of the Board of Supervisors (Download: here)

3. The Internal regulation on corporate governance (Download: here)

4. Decisions by the Board of Directors

Establish the Human Resources & Remuneration Sub-Committee (Download: here)
Establish the Development Policy Sub-Committee (Download: here)
Establish the Audit Sub-Committee (Download: here)
Establish the Non-herbal Sub-Committee (Download: here)

5. Draft Resolution of the General Assembly of Shareholders on the approval of the issues for getting opinion (Download: here).

The Company respectfully requests shareholders to give their opinions in writing by filling out and sending the opinion forms to the Company before 10:00 am on June 24, 2021 (based on postmarks).

Faithfully thanks,

Traphaco Joint Stock Company.