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On March 6, 2016 Traphaco JSC’s specialists were invited to provide healthcare counseling for retired staff of the Voice of Vietnam Radio (VOV) at the meeting to celebrate the 106th anniversary of the Women’s International Day (March 8).

The ceremony was held solemnly at the Theatre of the Voice of Vietnam, 58 Quan Su Street, Hanoi, with the participation of many retired artists who are former employees of the Voice of Vietnam and representatives of government agencies in Hanoi.

Traphaco’s consultants were very excited and proud to be invited to the event, where they had a chance to meet well-known newsreaders of the Voice of Vietnam in the past, who quietly worked in the studio to give the audience updated news, songs or stories at night.

The opening ceremony was extremely interesting and vibrant with the songs and dances performed by retired artists of the Voice of Vietnam. The audience was impressed by the dances of the Cham ethnic, traditional chau van songs or melodies from the dan tinh (musical instrument of the Tay people), performed by talented artists.

The meeting was presided over by senior journalist Tran Duc Nuoi (Vinh Tra), former Chief of the Editorial Board of the Voice of Vietnam Radio, the Deputy Director of the radio, and representatives of the Hanoi Red Cross and Traphaco JSC Chairwoman Vu Thi Thuan.

Traphaco’s consultants were very glad to see Meritorious Artist Le Thu, who devoted her whole life to the Voice of Vietnam Radio, now the vice chief of the liason committee of the Association of VOV Retired Staff. All attendants were moved listening to artist Le Thu raised her voice to read the following words: "This is the Voice of Vietnam Radio, broadcasting from Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam," which has been aired on VOV since 1945.


At the age of more than 80, Ms. Thu’s voice was still pure and sweet. She still had a sound mind and remembered the names of her colleagues.

"Today we are glad to meet each others

To celebrate the 8th of March

The festival of women

From Chicago, the United States

Equality between men and women

We, the women, are physically weak

But we shoulder both state affairs and housework

We are the good mothers

The women who are full of kindness

And we build the Voice of Vietnam Radio



The time goes by

We are now at the age of 70, 80

Thanks to the radio

Thanks to donors

And thanks to Traphaco

For holding this meeting for us

Our elderly wish each other

To have happy life, good health and longevity.

(Extract from artist Le Thu’s poem)

On this occasion, the Association of VOV Retired Staff and Traphaco JSC congratulated and presented gifts to 30 members of more than 80 years old.

Traphaco’s specialists also made presentations on the two common diseases among the elderly - impaired memory and cerebral stroke and answer questions related to these diseases.

Within a short period of time, Traphaco’s consultants provided attendants with systematic and essential information about the two diseases to help the elderly better take care of themselves.


Mr. Nuoi joked: “Hey guys, if we see each other and cannot remember the names, it is not our fault, but the fault of memory impairment in the elderly. I hope that with the valuable information provided by Traphaco consultants today, we will be able to keep our clear mind to see each other next year".

The ceremony ended successfully and left good impression on the retired staff of the Voice of Vietnam Radio and Traphaco’s representatives.

Traphaco’s staff wished to meet retired employees of the Voice of Vietnam Radio next years at 58 Quan Su to listen to interesting stories about their life and their career.