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Traphaco JSC recently held a seminar to show its gratitude towards loyal clients in Hanoi for their cooperation with the company in recent years. Below are the opinions of clients about the program.

Ms. Dang Thanh Hoa from Thanh Liet Ward, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi: "It’s my pleasure to cooperate with Traphaco. I hope that Traphaco will study and produce many more quality products to serve patients. We and the company should have many more opportunities for cooperation, so that we can learn from and contribute to the growth of the company. After the program, I feel that life is better if we give rather than retain. Happiness comes from the heart is the eternal happiness and people should create blessings and happiness for each other. Let’s stop complaining to dedicate and feel. Health is the treasure that you cannot buy. Let’s live and work with your heart. "

Ms. Lai Thi Hang Nga (My Duc District, Hanoi): "I hope that Traphaco will increasingly improve product quality; always promote its products on the radio and the media so that all people know about Traphaco products. I wish that Traphaco will always support drugstores so we can do our business at ease. We are very happy to get to know and learn things that we have not yet done before so we can improve ourselves better to serve the needs of life and our aspirations."

Ms. Le Thi Thanh (Thanh Binh Drugstore, Thuong Tin, Ha Tay): "After listening to the lecture by expert Do Van Dung, I feel like I’ve reached a new height. I have seen the way to the peak of success and happiness. Thank you Mr. General Director and leaders of Traphaco, thanks expert Do Van Dung".

Ms. Trinh Thi Thanh Ngan (Ha Dong District - Hanoi): "After attending the workshop held by Traphaco I have felt human values ​​and profound meaning. We hope that Traphaco will develop strongly to reach international level and to produce the best products. I hope that the company will pursue the current “mutual benefit policy” and will organize more meaningful seminars like this."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh (Yet Kieu - Ha Dong - Hanoi): "After attending Traphaco’s seminar, I clearly understand that we have to best use of the means of life to achieve the purpose of life, which is to make ourselves and make others happy. I would like to sincerely thank Traphaco and expert Do Van Dung. This is a very meaningful trip".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh (Chuong My - Hanoi): "After this program, I really know that leaders of Traphaco are very keen in doing business. They practice what they preach to realize the two missions: taking care of the people's health and ensure profitability for the company, contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in particular and the country in general. We do hope that the company will further develop, gain more achievements, and contribute to take care of the health of the people".

Ms. Vu Thi Huong (Hong Minh - Phu Xuyen - Hanoi): "Thank Traphaco and expert Do Van Dung for helping me understand how to promote sales and perform customer services".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Bao (Phuc Lam - My Duc - Hanoi): "After the trip, I affirm that Traphaco drugs are trusted products for treatment. I will buy all products of Traphaco to sell at my drugstore to serve the people. I’m sure that my drugstore will have credibility and success in healing for the people. Thank Traphaco and thank Mr. Do Van Dung".

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Quang (Nam Phong - Phu Xuyen - Hanoi): "Attending the program held by Traphaco, I felt the closeness of Traphaco leaders and Traphaco employees are very thoughtful. Expert Dung’s lecture was great and he helped me realize a lot of things. I will apply these lessons in life and business. Thank Traphaco for organizing this trip!"

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tuong (Drugstore No. 39 - Block 2 - La Khe - Ha Dong - Hanoi): "First of all I sincerely thank Traphaco for organizing the program, where we met, had fun and shared knowledge to perfect our sales process. Finally, I wish Traphaco leaders and the lecturer good health, happiness and the strong development for the company".

Ms. Pham Bich Dong (That Khe - Ninh So - Thuong Tin - Hanoi): "We strongly believe in the strategy and the development direction that the company has been pursuing".

Ms. Trinh Thi Thu Hien (Duc Khe - Huong Son - My Duc - Hanoi): "After the program held by Traphaco I have learned a lot about sales methods and sales experience."

Ms. Ha Thi Tuyet Minh (Doc La Pham Market - Tan Hong - Ba Vi - Hanoi): "Thank Traphaco for organizing a fantastic seminar. I’ve realized a lot of deep and meaningful things. Thank expert Do Van Dung for giving me new energy and optimism in life. But unfortunately I missed the book. I love reading so I’ll try to buy that book later. I hope that the company will have many medicinal products to better serve the health of the people and bring joy and happiness to the patients".

Ms. Vu Thi Tham (No. 1 - Block 8 - Kien Hung - Ha Dong - Hanoi): "After participating in the program held by Traphaco I have felt deeply the values ​​that the program brought about. The seminar helped me understand more about the importance of the seller like us, who benefit patients as well as bring joy and happiness to themselves. It makes me feel very comfortable and useful. In the near future I expect to have a chance to join similar programs."

Ms. Tran Minh Nguyet (Tran Dang - Hoa Son - Ung Hoa - Hanoi): "I sincerely thank the Company and Mr. Do Van Dung for the extremely interesting seminar. I will use the knowledge I learned from the seminar in life and in the sales process."

Ms. Trinh Thi Phuong Thao (No. 115 – To Hieu - Nguyen Trai - Ha Dong District): "The seminar held by Traphaco brought a lot of joy to pharmacies. I learned great lessons from the lecture by expert Do Van Dung and I will apply them in life and business. Thank Traphaco and Mr. Dung!”

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