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On September 9-10 and 26-27, Traphaco JSC held a two-day meeting to pay its gratitude to its loyal clients in the northern province of Thai Nguyen.

At the meeting, Traphaco officials expressed their thanks to all clients in Thai Nguyen for their support, engagement and cooperation with the company over the years. They also shared Traphaco’s visions on cooperation in the sales policies and the development strategy named "the green health path".


After the meeting, clients from Thai Nguyen were invited to visit Traphaco medicinal garden and Traphaco drug factory with modern, environmentally friendly production lines; through which the clients could see Traphaco’s comprehensively quality assurance system.


The customers also joined Team Building activities at the Hon Dau Resort, which aimed to strengthening cohesion, sharing and the relations between clients and Traphaco.




The Gala Dinner with the theme “Looking towards the high sea” with a lot of fun activities enhanced the cohesion among the participants, who had great moments of fun and laughter.


Also in this program, the clients exchanged and were updated with the latest information about business trends in the pharmaceutical industry. They had a chance to share the skills and experience in sales, learn more about the value of life, and find opportunities to work together to enrich their own family and society.




Paying gratitude to clients is among meaningful activities that contribute to enhancing confidence and the support of clients to Traphaco products and its sales policies in accordance with the perspective: "credit - mutual benefit - development together", which Traphaco has been performing for a long time.

Here are the opinions of some clients from Thai Nguyen province:

Ms. Lam Thi Kim Tuyet (Drug store No. 3 - Kha Son - Phu Binh – Thai Nguyen) said: "The two day program held by Traphaco for clients in Thai Nguyen Province helped me learn a lot about the company’s drug manufacturing process. I also got useful knowledge from lecturer Do Van Dung. Also, I would like to thank Traphaco for producing quality medicine for consumers."

Ms. Tran Thi Hoa (Yen Lang - Dai Tu - Thai Nguyen) said: "The program gave us a lot of practical value and joy, knowledge and helped reduce stress at work. Overall I’m very happy and satisfied, thanks Traphaco JSC!"

Ms. Tran Thi Thi (Drug store No. 13 - Linh Son - Dong Hy - Thai Nguyen) said: "After attending the meeting I realized that I must try better and harder in my work, improve my knowledge, and learn more about medicinal products. Also, I had a chance to listen to the lecture by expert Do Van Dung, which helped me better understand my own value and I will try to improve myself, to make myself and my family happier, to improve the value of life for myself, my family and the entire society. Finally I would like to thank Traphaco JSC for enabling me to get meaningful learning days".

Ms. Tran Thuy Dung (Block 12, Quan Trieu ward, Thai Nguyen) said: "Thank Traphaco for letting me to participate in this program. I was very happy to attend the meaningful seminar "The trend of business development in the pharmaceutical industry". Thank Traphaco leaders and all members of Traphaco! I would like to further cooperate with Traphaco in the future."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao said: "Through this program I learned a lot of useful things in life, particularly how to release stress to do better. I'd love to attend more meetings like this to help better my business and life. Thank Traphaco, thank lecturer Do Van Dung!"

Ms. Hoang Thi Chanh (Dinh Hoa Branch of Thai Nguyen Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company) said: "After being accompanied with Traphaco, I have realized the great value of the position and the human potential who have created today’s Traphaco. I completely trust in Traphaco products and I’m very happy to bring them to users. After this workshop I have learnt more knowledge about customer services".

Ms. Cao To Uyen said: "Thank Traphaco for organizing this meaningful trip, through which I’ve learned a lot about the people and history of Traphaco JSC. I wish Traphaco strong development in the future".

Ms. Bui Thi Thu Thuy (Drug Store No. 3 - Dong Thai - Hoa Thuong - Dong Hy): "After two days visiting Trpahaco’s pharmaceutical factory, the largest in Southeast Asia, I have learned a lot of meaningful things. And I also realize that to create a good product for people, the company has to work very hard and to be very careful in every step. Thank Traphaco for making high quality medicine to the people".

Ms. Dong Thi Lan Anh (Minh Lap - Dong Hy - Thai Nguyen) said: "After the program I feel the company’s attention and dedication to customers and citizens. The company has a great strategy and vision in business".

Mr. Hoang Khanh Duy (Market Street 2 - Hung Son Town - Dai Tu – Thai Nguyen) said: "Learning more useful things. Having the goal and aspiration in life and striving for a meaningful life".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Van (Drug Store No. 2 - Dong Hy Branch) said: "During the two day program held by Traphaco JSC, I lost in a new world, the world of people with new visions, broad knowledge and new feeling. All were linked with the modern life and future. Since then I have enough confidence to get success in life, to be happy, and to have a more meaningful life. Finally I would like to sincerely thank Traphaco!"

Ms. Nguyen Thi Oanh (Tan Huong - Pho Yen - Thai Nguyen) said: "This workshop is very useful to help me understand more about the company. I hope that the company will organize more workshops like this to enable drug stores to meet and exchange information and useful knowledge. Once again I thank Traphaco JSC and I’m looking forward to tightening cooperation with the company. I wish Traphaco to develop and reach out to the world."

Ms. Pham Thi Xuan (Van Yen - Dai Tu – Thai Nguyen) said: "After the program held by Traphaco, I’m more confident and love my job, my life more and more. I also better understand the value and the meaning of life. And I promise myself that I would try harder to do my job better. Finally thank Traphaco JSC and expert Do Van Dung for organizing a very meaningful seminar".

Ms. Huynh Thi Vietnam (Minh Lap Commune - Dong Hy - Thai Nguyen) said: "Traphaco’s program has helped me better feel the value of life and the job that I’m doing. I will try my best to contribute to the development of my family and society".

Ms. Bui Thi Quynh Trang (No. 20 - Trung Thanh Ward - Thai Nguyen) said: "The program is very meaningful and it helps me learn a lot of things to confidently go on the path of delivering quality drugs that I have chosen. I wish to cooperate in the long term with the company".

Ms. Nong Thi Lan (No. 227 Trung Thanh Ward - Thai Nguyen) said: "The program helps me be more confident in the way of sales and customer advising. I also learned a lot of meaningful lessons for having a more cheerful and happy life. Thank Traphaco for giving me a meaningful and practical program".

Ms. Do Thi Thanh Hai (Son Cam - Phu Luong) said: "The program gave me a lot of information about Traphaco’s history and development process. I also learned how to behave with my customers. I wish the company to strongly develop in the future and produce many more quality products to serve people’s health."