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On October 6-8, Traphaco held a meeting with nearly 250 loyal clients from the provinces of Gia Lai and Quang Ngai. This is one of the annual activities to strengthen the mutual trust and collaboration between Traphaco and its clients in the career of taking care of Vietnamese people’s health.

The event was held in the coastal city of Quy Nhon, in the central province of Binh Dinh. Besides meeting with Traphaco’s top leaders, clients participated in team building activities on the beach of Quy Nhon. Especially, they learned a lot of useful information and lessons from the lecture by expert Do Van Dung.



At the Gala Dinner themed “Looking towards the High Sea”, Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - Traphaco CEO – expressed his thanks to all customers for their support, engagement and cooperation with the company over the recent years. Ma also shared with Traphaco clients the company’s future development policies, under which Traphaco aims to be the leading firm in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry in terms of revenue, profit and market capitalization by 2020.


“Traphaco will always use standardized materials of high quality and environmentally friendly combined with modern technology to create high-quality, efficient, safe products, bringing the "green health" for everyone and every home,” Ma emphasized.

Customers did have great moments of fun and laughter with many fun activities to strengthen cohesion among team members.

Also in this program, expert Do Van Dung shared with Traphaco customers the latest information about business trends in the pharmaceutical industry, along with the skills and experience in pharmaceutical sales, as well as lessons about the value of life and sustainable cooperation to enrich their families and society.


At the meeting, Traphaco leaders once again confirmed that the confidence and support of its customers and the people of Vietnam for many years have contributed to the success of Traphaco’s Boganic as the No. 1 liver tonic in Vietnam.


In Vietnam, Boganic is the only liver tonic made from 100% pure pharmaceutical material of Vietnam, which meets the GACP-WHO standards. This product has been clinically tested at many big hospitals in the country and it has been confirmed to be safe and effective after 17 years on the market. Thanks to the trust of customers, Boganic is the top product for sales on the market for liver and bile medicines of Vietnam (according to IMS Report).

Paying gratitude to clients is among meaningful activities that contribute to enhancing confidence and the support of clients to Traphaco products and its sales policies in accordance with the perspective: "credit - mutual benefit - development together", which Traphaco has been performing for a long time.

Here are some customers’ comments:

Ms. Vu Thi Truc (263 Tran Hung Dao - Nang Yang - Gia Lai) said: The two-day trip to Quy Nhon gave me more teamwork skills through team building games. I was also updated with the development trends of the pharmaceutical industry through the lecture by expert Do Van Dung. I’ve learned a lot of valuable information to use in my life. And finally, the Gala Dinner was the perfect ending for my trip.

Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Nhung (Pleiku - Gia Lai) said: "After attending the event I feel the very human values ​​and profound meaning. We hope that a development Traphaco day, reaching the international level, the production of commodities, quality products and plans "At beneficial" better and more meaningful seminars like this. "

Ms. Mai Thi Ngoc Huyen (Hamlet 2 of Thang Hung commune, Chu Prong district, Gia Lai) said: After the program I have felt deeply the values ​​that the conference brings. The program helped me understand more about the importance of the sales were beneficial for patients as well as bring joy and happiness to yourself. Understanding makes me feel very comfortable and useful".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao from Gia Lai said: “Such an amazing trip! Shortly after the program I'll change my thinking and the way I see the life.”

Ms. Le Thi Truc Ngan from Gia Lai said: "Thank you for the Company and Experts Do Van Dung mentality helped me understand how much sales and customer advice".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thai (No. 10 Phu Dong - Pleiku - Gia Lai) said: "After the share of experts Do Van Dung, I see we raised 1 new heights, found their way to the peak of success and happiness. I would like to thank Traphaco and expert Do Van Dung.

Ms. Bui Thi Thu Thao (562 Quang Trung - An Khe): "I myself have always believed in and wished that products of Traphaco will be better and better and the company will have more products so our pharmacies can introduce them to patients. I am very confident to introduce Traphaco products to my customers and I always support the policy of selling medicine at reasonable prices."

Ms. Nguyen Thu Dung (Tra Xuan Town, Tra Bong District): "Attending the trip organized by Traphaco, I’ve learned a lot of valuable experience, something that I had not known before. I will apply what I’ve learned from the seminar in life and in my job. I would like to thank Traphaco!"

Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai (Hanh Trung Nghia Hanh, Quang Ngai): Would Traphaco further development and incentives for customers to the company and customers long-term cooperation. Through this trip I feel happy and satisfied with the welcome of the Company

Pham Thi Tuyet Mai (Van Duc Street, Quang Ngai): "The programs organized by Traphaco, its sales policies as well as the quality of its products make me feel secure. I wish the company maintains its current sales policy to create favorable conditions for us to promote sales, at the stable and reasonable prices. I would like to thank Traphaco!."

Mr. Bui Hoang Viet (192 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Quang Ngai): "I was one of the clients who are honored to participate in and benefit from the policies of Traphaco. I am very pleased with the quality of goods and the attitude of Traphaco employees. Hopefully I will be one of the customers who have the chance to develop the long-term and sustainable cooperation with Traphaco."

Ms. Vo Thi Dieu (Son Thanh, Son Ha, Quang Ngai): "Through Traphaco’s programs, I’ve gotten better understanding of the value of products and their superiority for Vietnamese patients and customers. I trust the quality of Traphaco products because they are produced by modern production lines and they are tested by qualified staff."

Mr. Vo Do Anh Minh (Tran Phu, Quang Ngai City): "After participating in Traphaco’s program, I've realized that by working in the pharmaceutical industry I do not only serve myself but also my people and my nation. I’ve also learned the art and skills in sales and how to win the sentiment of patients. I wish that the company will continuously improve product quality, create new products from medicinal plants and stabilize product prices."

Ms. Tran Phuong Anh (Hanh Minh, Nghia Hanh, Quang Ngai): "I wish Traphaco have many new and better products. I would like to suggest Traphace doing well the price stabilization program so that all pharmacies sell Traphaco products at the same prices."